07 October 2017

Paredes de Coura - P.S.

De como o desenho é também uma terapia.         |         On how drawing is therapeutical. 

Bem entendido, lá conseguimos passar a barreira dissuasiva escondida em falsos bonitos sorrisos e entrar no festival. Eu estava furiosa. Até transpor para o papel.          |         In the end we managed to overcome this "smiling faces" dissuasive barrier and got in. I was furious! Until I translated my anger into a humorous cartoon. 

*Mnhé...     We just can't do anything about it!     I get it. If only potatos were in question I could help you. But since you want watercress...   
[To be clear, we weren't talking about vegetables, but we weren't buying her nonsense speech either.]

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